indonesia relegion violence

Video footages from Cikeusik village, about seven hours driving from Jakarta, showed hundreds of villagers began to encircle an Ahmadiyah house, owned by an Ahmadiyah leader nicknamed Parman, at around 10 am Sunday, February 6, 2011.

A man clad in black leather jacket and a skull cap led the attackers. He told plainclothed police officers, guarding outside the house, to move away.
His followers shouted, "Infidel! Infidel." All of them also used a blue ribbon on their chest.

A big-belly policeman tried to persuade the man not to attack the house. The leading man simply waved the police away. An Army man also persuaded the blue-ribbon men not to attack. The video showed two police trucks parked outside the house. In five seconds, hundreds of the attackers entered the house where 21 Ahmadiyah men were staying inside.

The Ahmadiyah members were no match for the more than 1,000 villagers who were attacking their house. Soon the attackers took over the house, ordering the Ahmadiyah men to strip naked and burning the house, a van and a motorcycle. Several video footages showed gruesome violence against naked Ahmadiyah men. They're beaten with wooden sticks, hoes and machetes.